Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Big Boy, Carter!

Yesterday, we did the unimaginable. Carter's crib was taken down and put into the attic for storage. The twin bed from the nursery was put into Parker and Carter's room. He and Parker napped in the same room which is a huge deal bc we've tried that before and they had to be split up bc they think it is playtime. After playing a bit, they settled down and fell asleep. The picture below was taken then.

Nighttime went okay. They laid in their own beds talking to each other. They really are best friends. They both fell asleep not too much later than usual.

Carter woke up around 10pm screaming. I think it was a mix of waking up and being scared (used to his crib) and being sick. After going potty, some cuddling, and talking he went back to sleep in his own new-to-him big boy bed!

Yay Carter! We love you!

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Mindy said...

yay carter! That picture down below of lil P and his red cheeks made my heart hurt. :-(