Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday we woke up bright and early at Gma and Papa Miller's house. The Easter Bunny had paid Parker and Carter a visit there! They were not really into looking for their baskets but were super excited once they found them. :) We wondered if the bunny remembered to stop at our house while we were out of town.

Carter found his!
Parker found his!! He possesses my skill of giving up way too early. He was sure the Easter Bunny forgot him.

With their loot.

Parker is either really tired or in a choco-coma. I vote the latter.

Look mom!!

The Easter Bunny remembered to come to our house. We got home late Sunday night so we looked in the morning. :)

Looking for Carter's basket... "hmmm"

Found it!!!

Checking it out.

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