Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa baby?

Parker is such a good helper. He loves to help sweep (he holds the dustpan and then throws the contents away) and puts the trays with the highchairs -- those are his 2 'chores'. He loves to help pick up his toys. He loves to get diapers, bottles, and help with Carter. He helps dad with his chores (fixing the toliet, etc ) He LOVES to help cook/bake and wants to "see!!" everything. And he has discovered the art of bubbles. He was helping daddy do the dishes! Check out these shots! :) He was making a beard like Santa! (this was before he had his cast off..... i'm a little behind ;) )

He also got a bath the first night he had his cast off. He LOVED IT!!! :) He was splashing (I didn't dare bring my camera up)and being silly. Ahh, I'm so glad to have that darn thing off.

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