Sunday, December 13, 2009

as one door closes....

It is with very mixed emotions that I was released from my calling as 2nd counselor in the primary presidency. I love this church and I love the children of this church. I have grown so much in the [short] year I was in my presidency. I love the members of that presidency. Racheal and Cynthia are two people I can look up to and strive to be like. I will miss them dearly. I will miss the prayers given by the children, their excitment to learn the gospel, their sweet testimonies, the fun they allowed me to have, and most of all- accepting my flaws and loving me still.

I was HOPING I could get away with being "callingless" for a couple weeks. But, alas I was called to be a Sunday School teacher. I now get to work with the kids who just left primary and are testing the waters in Sunday School before their respective young men's/young women's program. I dipped my toes in today as I co-taught the lesson with my dear friend Daisy. I'm excited to start the new year in my new calling!

Brian, who never blogs, also recieved a new calling. He is now 1st counselor in the young men's presidency (He used to be 2nd counselor in ym's). :) He's excited to take on and grow in his calling!


Holly said...

I know the feeling about being released. It's so hard, but you'll do just fine in your new calling! The older youth are so fun to work with! Especially the age you're going to be with! You're exactly where you need to be!!!

The Kent Family said...

I almost cried reading your post :(...I had a great time serving with you...and will also miss you ;)...primary has helped us get to know each other better and I think we've both grown a TON since last year lol...thanks for everything...and on to bigger better things for you Sister Steffen!!!