Tuesday, May 5, 2009

terrible twos

Parker has DEFINITELY started the terrible twos already.

Parker and food coloring don't go well together.

Wanna know the worst part? I was standing RIGHT NEXT to him and didn't realize he got into that until the cap hit the floor and I was like "what was that?" apparently he picked it up- opened it with his mouth and then I caught him. So, not tooooo much damage was done. But, boy was I mad!!!!!!

Oh, and please ignore the pizza face/clothes. Ha.

^ I am pretty sure he is proud of himself in this pic.


^ i told him to smile so i could get a pic of his teeth

^ starting to clean up

^ bathtime
Notice: Carter in the carseat, the antfarm for Brian's classroom, and the homemade chair cover!


Beverly B. said...

Those pictures are classic.

I think that you should feel lucky that it wasn't any worse because the possibilities are endless.

Kings said...

your crazy life/kids keep me entertained! I can't wait till I have kids, one day...but not too soon :)

R,K,L said...

Good thing Carter was being a good boy! Wait until they both get into it!

Shelby and Brian said...

Did you show Parker himself in the mirror?

HollySteffen said...

no!! i should have!!

Barbara said...

lol how long did parkers mouth remain blue? hahaha.

loove it.

Danielle said...

I love parenting. "You are so naughty! But before I clean it up and/ or punish you, I need to get my camera, so I can remember this moment forever..."