Tuesday, July 1, 2008

when the day is gray and gloomy.... i just pick up my chin and grin and say....

... the sun will come out tomorrow. betch'er bottom dollar that tomorrow, they'll be sun.

So, I know this sounds (eh, idk the word) but we are kinda sorta trying for baby #2 and everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant (or jsut had babies). It's not exactly true that I want to be pregnant right this second but my body is all messed up, and I just got insurance today, and I need to find a new Dr/MW. So, idk. I'm just a little gloomy right now.

ugh, and the name we wanted to use for a boy was connor and there are seriously at least 2 babies i know, jsut born, named connor. what the heck. ughhhh

I just wanted to vent a little. Thanks for listening.

filled out mon july 7th
I was TAGGED by Brooke =]!

20 years ago-
1. I was 2 yrs old
2. I was an Army brat.
3. We lived in Penn.

10 years ago-
1. I was 12 and living in Churchville-Chili.
2. It was summer vacation and we just decided to move.
3. I couldn't wait to get outta there.

5 years ago-
1. I was 17 and just graduated high school!
2. I graduated with honors and was in the top 10 of my class.
3. I was in an on again, off again abusive relationship.

3 years ago-
1. I was about to meet the love of my life!
2. I was in the hygiene program, a Resident Assistant, and student library worker at college.
3. I was loving my life.

1 year ago-
1. Married for 1 yr!
2. 6 months preggo with Parker.
3. Thought about moving back to Rochester.

So far this year-
1. Moved twice.
2. Got a nursery calling.
3. Kept a secret (so far).

1. went swimming
2. visited the inlaws.
3. .... cant tell....

1. woke up wayyy too early
2. can't get back to sleep
3. for once im pretty excited to go to work!

Tomorrow- (which is really today.... bc its only 3am)
1. work
2. hangin out with daisy!
3. watch the bachelor finale!

In the next year-
1. think about baby #2
2. brian graduates with his masters
3. get a house!


Jenny & James said...

I'm sorry. I know it's frustrating when that happens. Just have fun with it (I know easier said than done). If you really like Conner I'd say use it anyways. James wants to use Kaiden for our next boy and that's really popular right now. Good luck finding a new doctor.

Greg & Britta said...

I didn't use the name connor :-) I'm sorry I just had a baby . . . don't hate me!! If you want, I can attempt to shove Hunter back into my uterus . . . but who knows if that'd work or not -- hopefully you laughed at this comment, or else I feel like a real jerk! love yas!

thekirnancrib said...

I just had to say... that post was totally not meant for you! There are a few people who will remain nameless that "stalk" my blog, but won't admit it to me. I had to let them know that I am not dumb!!! haha. hope you're doing well.