Tuesday, June 3, 2008

fat belts and stretchy pants

So, Cedar Point, where do I begin? I was so excited and it literally turned out to be one of the most saddest days in my life. Let me explain... Everyone knows that after a baby you put on a little weight, most people take it off after, my body of course is hanging onto it for dear life. So what does this have to do with Cedar Point?

Well, I was stoked to go on my fave rollercoaster EVER- Millenium Force, and after waiting in line for an hour for the front seat (it drops at an 80degree angle) I found out that I was too fat to ride. The seatbelt wouldn't latch. I said it was no biggie, walked out the "chicken escape" and broke down sobbing. That was it. I will never again be as heavy as I was that day. I am more than determined.
So, Brian being the amazing husband that it is, got off the ride with me. Trying to console me (bc of course I just wanted to turn around and drive home) he said we should go on other rides. I was able to ride all the other roller coasters and rides. And I ended up having a lot of fun.... until-

We rode these merry go round type horses. They were supposed to be race horses. You know the competitive/funny side of me took over and I told brian I was "eyeing the winner". Of course that means picking the one with the cutest saddle blanket. So there she was, a grey horse with a dark and light green polka dotted saddle blanket. The horses stop and different heights and of course mine was at the tallest setting. Determined to get me short self on the horse I stretch my leg up as high as it will go, and pull myself onto the horse. As I am doing this I hear "riiiiippp". You guessed it- my pants ripped. Not just a tiny rip. It was about 6-7inches! As if my day hadn't been going bad enough. So while riding I planned my escape off the horse and out the exit. There I stood waiting for Brian to bring me some new pants. I put them over the ripped ones, walked to the bathroom and took off the ripped ones and threw them away.

What a day. After a couple more rides I was so ready to get outta that park and start my new life. Yep. I'm joining the gym tomorrow.
Our B&B (the same one we honeymooned in) was amazing. Here are just a couple pics of our room:

Next time, It'll be perfect. =]

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Lori said...

sorry it didn't work out so well. Your room looks amazing though.