Sunday, April 27, 2008

the flyboys

The Flyboys (2006) is an absolute must see. It is being shown at film festivals around the country. The director, Rocco Devilliers, is hoping to open it in theatres around the nation. You know it's a great movie when you laugh and cry in the same scene. Since it was a low budget film (2m) all the stunts are real (no green screen). And only sometimes were they able to afford stunt devils. I don't want to talk too much about the movie bc it will give some of it away. But seriously, go see this movie. It's not rated, but it's not one I would take my kiddies too. Fyi.

Take care, and if you see it - lemme know what you think!
^ this is the palace theatre where the film was shown

^ everynight on the way home I listen to the Jim Reith show on 570wsyr radio.
I had enough courage to ask for his picture!

^ after sticking my foot in my mouth (long story), I come to find this is the mayor of syracuse! so of course I got my picture with him too!

^ Stephen B handing out an award

^ walking
^ rocco and stephen
^ this pic is blurry, why did I put it up?
you see those 2 heads in the spotlight?
those are mine and brian's heads!

I didn't want to wait in the line to see Stephen Baldwin so I forwent the picture with me and him.
It's okay though. We had a blast being that close so I felt like I didn't need the picture anways!

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