Thursday, April 17, 2008

driving hell

So yesterday I was driving down 690 and as many of you know, 690 splits with 2 lanes going toward Auburn and 2 to Fulton/Baldwinsville Area. Well, I'm puttering down the road staying in my lane to stay one 690 and a car cuts me off to stay on 690. I slam on my breaks and merge into the left lane. I speed up to see the person that ultimately could have ruined my life and lo and behold the man is READING A BOOK! Yes, while driving and driving 70mph at that. Seriously, what are you thinking?!

Side Rant: A serious pet peeve of mine is when people beep at me when I'm not doing ANYTHING wrong. If I am, beep at me. If I'm not- leave me alone. It's annoying as f.

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Greg & Britta said...

Hahaha I have to laugh. But only cuz the same night we were coming back from Buffalo. And we noticed this guy was swirving and Greg passed him, and the guy was totally reading!!! And it was like 8:30 at night, so it was dark!! Geez!