Monday, January 21, 2008

some days are like that

Today started off on a good note. I got to sleep in until 9pm. I went to Michael's art supply store and bought some etching creme and letters. I think they are going to come in use when going to showers and weddings. I am a creative person. Then I had a meeting at work at 1p with free lunch. Only they forgot to order my lunch. Then I was planning on going to a sewing class and I wanted Britta to come with me so I wouldn't be alone. But she was too tired. So. To cheer myself up I told Brian that I was going to get us chinese food for dinner after the class. Welp, the class went great. I started sewing a diaper bag. It should be so cute! On the way home I couldn't find the chinese place and when I found it- it was closed and they said that they would still be open. I was frustrated. Anyways. I'm done ranting. Thanks for listening.

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