Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Girls Temple Night

Holly went to the temple today with her friend Jessica. As always, it was a wonderful experience. Holly was a little worried she wouldn't make it because I had to stay after school and coach the chess club. Over forty kids come to the club. Usually, someone is bound to not have a ride home, which means I have to stay late until I can call a parent to pick up their child.  Fortunately, no such event occurred today! Heavenly Father must have been anxious for Holly to be able to go!

Holly zipped off as soon as I pulled into the driveway, and I stayed home and kept it real with the boys this evening and ended up watching the movie Europa on Netflix, which I really liked. Anyway, it's interesting that most of the time Holly and I go to the Temple it's separate with different friends. That way one of us can watch the kids and the other can go. When the boys are older, I look forward to being able to go with Holly more often as a couple.