Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

We rolled out of town for our Memorial Day weekend.  We spent some of the time in Fairport and the rest of the time in Kendall with family.  This means our boys got to see both Grandmas.  It's funny because the boys tell the Grandma's apart by "The Grandma with Legos and the Grandma with no Legos" & "The Grandma with Sammy" and "The Grandma with no Sammy."  My mom is the one with the Legos (and no Sammy), and the boys made good use of them.

Build, build, build!
But before the Grandma-with-Legos we had to kill some time.  So we stopped at the animal shelter and looked at the animals.  There also happened to be a great big cow.  After the cow, we went to a yogurt bar where Carter tried to steal some gummy worms, but that's another story.

Our first night in Fairport we played Trivial Pursuit with my parents after the boys were in bed.  I came in second and Holly in third.

Game Time!
 One of our stops  on the trip was visiting Great Grandma Brenner. Holly let Grandma hold Becket while I supervised the boys climbing a tree in the courtyard.

Boys will be Boys

Baby Beckett and his Great Grandmother

Anderson spend a lot of time outside in Kendall.  He is getting old enough where he only needs to be semi-monitored all the time.  He got a great kick out of drawing on the driveway in chalk.

The weather was beautiful all weekend.  The sandbox was another popular place for the boys to be.  I even decided to join them and let Carter and Anderson bury my flip-flop.

Since we were out in the country we obviously had to build a grand bonfire Saturday night.  All three big boys helped build it by loading a wheel barrow full of fire wood for me to take to the fire ring.  We took our pizza box from lunch to make a sign.  I then stuffed the insides of our fire with a bunch of newspaper Parker found in the barn. 

Fire it up!

And no, Holly did not get hurt helping with the firewood.  Rather, during lunch Anderson knocked over a bench he was trying to stand on.  It fell on Holly's foot.  It was quite the circus with a domino effect of other catastrophes, including Holly's sister fainting from the sight of Holly's toe bleeding.  Ah, good times, good times.

Baby Beckett was of course a hit with Grandma.  He was the best behaved all weekend!

The long weekend ended with a birthday party for Holly's little brother's girlfriend.  Interestingly, the girl friend doesn't hunt, Holly's little brother does.  She still seemed to like it though.

We made it home late Monday night and got everyone tucked into bed. Whew.  Finally, it feels like summer is actually here.

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