Sunday, October 30, 2011

Anderson's blessing

Anderson was blessed and the primary program was today. It was the first time that as Primary President I have put on the program. AND it was Parker's first time being in the program. He did great talking into the microphone even if you couldn't understand every word he said. The spirit was totally there!!

Grandma and Grandpa Miller, Uncle Jonathon, Grandma and Grandpa Steffen, and John-Mike came up for our special day. :)

John-Mike's car broke down in the parking lot and Paul was going to jump it. He pulled his car on the grass and totally got stuck in the mud. Luckily Roy was able to pull him out!!! We called AAA for John-Mike's car to be towed home. He stayed to watch the Bills game and then Brian brought him home. :) It was an exciting but good day!!


Jen said...

That is an exciting day! Congratulations on the primary program and baby blessing.

Batook das said...

congratulation to birth day party especially baby blessing.
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Ali said...

happy family