Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's A....


We didn't find out the sex at our anatomy scan today. :)

There are a couple things that they want to keep an eye on. I have to have a repeat sono in 4weeks.

1- there's an extra lobe on my placenta that is curling up/not attached
2- my placenta is low and if it doesn't move i could have a cs
3- transverse baby (tons of time to change positions!)
4- measuring 20w 3d head and 19w 1d body for an average of 19w 4d
so they might change my DD if i'm measuring consistant bc i've been measuring with my LMP date. which is what i've thought all along. :)

Send prayers and love.


Positive THoughts said...

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CGoldDoula said...

IT has moved, placenta, position, due date just perfect! Our lord has HIS hands on you and your little ones, growing all the time in HIS timing. Love you!