Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's going on?

Gosh I haven't updated my blog in, what seems like- FOREVER!

Parker- He knows (I'm going to say) ALL his letters- upper and lowercase. He knows colors, numbers (recongnition and counting), shapes, and some traffic signs. Everyday he learns something new. He latest thing to do is ask for songs at bedtime. We call it "Parker's playlist" as long as he can't think of anymore songs- he's content with saying goodnight. So, please don't teach him any songs. ;)

Carter- He has learned to say "YYYYEA" and "no". The other day Brian said "what comes after 1?" ((we had just had Parker counting)) No joke- Carter said "TWO!" It was the WEIRDEST thing. Phil was over and witnessed it. I nearly died. He loves intimating his brother. Carter LOVES his daddy. If daddy is home- he wants nothing to do with me. We call him daddy's little oxpecker. :D

Brian- He's just finishing up his thesis and defends it on Friday!! :) EXCITING!!!

Me- I'm going to Toronto this weekend with my good friend Beth for Mother's Day!! :) The ME time is much needed.
I started selling Mary Kay!! :) Let me know if you want to host a pampering session (alone or with a couple close friends/family) It's actually a lot of fun.

I also started my certification to be a certified birth doula through DONA

I am SO excited.... I already had my first birth -- a successful VBAC-- and I have to do at least 2 more until I'm "certified".

I am one of the newest members of Doulas of CNY. is the website...
I've started a doula blog, it is private for now.... I'll make it public soon probably.

Needless to say-- I have been SO BUSY!!! But I'm loving it.

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