Sunday, November 29, 2009

will i ever get better?

We've been SO busy with the house and the holiday that I have really neglected this blog. I need to get better because I know that relatives that are out of town check this to get regular updates on our family. I am sorry! :(

Our latest conundrum is about a Christmas Tree! I never would have thought that would happen. I always thought I'd get a real tree (just like my parents). Brian wants a real tree and I'm leaning toward a fake.

Let me explain... I love real trees, and I would love a real tree but it makes me sad to know how many trees are cut down, left up for a few months, and then put outside ready to die and be burned or hauled away.... These trees take years to grow and give us just a month of happiness.

It's unfortunate that we have such a small plot of land, because I would definitely have a real tree if we could plant it after. How nostaligicly (did I make up that word) awesome would it be to have lines of trees from all your many christmases with your family!! Our next house is definitely going to have more land so this can become a reality.

We plan on decorating the house for Christmas on Monday for family home evening! Look for pictures (and back posts too).


Barbara said...

your "next house"??????? I thought you were done with moving?! lol

HollySteffen said...

hahaa someday we'll move on to bigger and better. not for a while i bet.