Wednesday, July 1, 2009

poor parker

Mommy was taking a shower and daddy was getting ready for work and watching Parker. Well, while I'm getting dressed Parker walks into the bedroom holding his thumb high in the air and saying "mama". I look over and blood is dripping from his thumb. We walked to the kitchen to get a paper towel and survey the damage. Brian didn't know what had happened. I look down. there's the cheese grater attachment to our food processor. Voila. Parker had managed to get into that and slice his nail in a nice semi-circle-- all the way down to the skin. It took forever to stop bleeding.

Whenever he would bump it on a toy, try to eat, etc- it would bleed again. So, daddy being the eagle scout that he is-- wrapped it up in guaze.

Since then, the little semi-circle of nail has fallen off and it has a nice little scab.

I guess-
Boys will be boys.


Beverly B. said...

Oh no! Poor thing.

Danielle said...

oh nos! curious creatures, those little boys.

Lori said...

Poor boy. They are always getting into something. I'm glad he didn't need stitches.

Sarah And Todd said...

poor Parker!! Gavin is just as curious, always getting into something, we are constantly having to watch him! But your right boys will be boys!!