Thursday, June 11, 2009

"why aren't more women making the decision to just say no"

Pregnancy in America
i LOVE this video.

^ click on the video then click play twice (i know it looks like an ad might come up- it won't).

The Mayo Clinic "what to expect during a c-section"

Video: What to expect during a C-section @ Yahoo! Video

^you can just watch it here.

Why would someone CHOOSE a c-section? It worries me when people want to schedule their children's births. Are they going to be able to schedule falls, scrapes, and broken bones too?

(Notice: the baby in the c-section has to go right from mommy, into a freezing cold room (colder than 'normal hospital air'), and plopped on a cloth covered, most-likely metal table. Once the baby is stabalized- it can be snuggly wrapped and shown to mom before getting wisked off to the nursery and mom to recovery. What's wrong with this picture?

They are right about one thing: this is what you should expect)

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